Vax: Enquiries

See below my enquiries about various vaccine issues:

Is it ethical to ‘vaccinate’ billions of people against COVID-19? Email to Andrew Read, re ‘leaky vaccines’ 3/Nov/2021

Major crime – spreading ‘leaky vaccines’ around the globe; and the attack on Dr Peter McCullough…and the biggest scandal in history 1/August/2021

Could Covid-19 vaccines facilitate virulent variants? Email to Professor Andrew Read, 19/July/2021

Who is at risk of ‘getting sick and dying’ with the SARS-CoV-2 virus? Email to Laureate Professor Peter Doherty 30/Mar/2021

Correspondence with Professor Andrew Read – Could Covid-19 vaccines facilitate virulent variants Jan/2021

If Covid-19 vaccines don’t prevent transmission, can they facilitate the evolution of more virulent strains? Email to Professor Andrew Read 27/Jan/2021